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Health and Safety Policy Statement


Location X Rent A Car is committed to health and safety and will take all practicable steps to provide a safe workplace for our Employees, Customers, and environment. We will provide continuous improvement of health and safety by:

  • Complying with Health and Safety Employment and regulation standards of the UAE and relevant codes or practice;
  • Supporting the safe and early return to work of injured Employees;
  • Accurately reporting and recording all workplace accidents, incidents, and injuries;
  • Providing adequate control of the Health and Safety risks arising from our work activities;
  • Consulting with unions, our Employees, and their representatives on matters affecting their Health and Safety and encouraging their participation;
  • Providing and maintaining safe systems of work;
  • Supplying information, instruction, and supervision for Employees;
  • Ensuring safe driving, safe transportation, and routine training and induction of employees and customers;
  • Making sure all Employees are competent to perform their tasks and give them adequate training in this regard;
  • Developing and using methods to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health;
  • Maintaining safe and healthy working conditions;
  • Providing safe means of access and egress to and from places of work
  • Reviewing, revising, and evaluating our Health and Safety management systems and processes at regular intervals to ensure continuous improvement.

Management acknowledges and accepts its responsibilities for Health and Safety standards in the workplace. However, we seek cooperation from all Employees. Customers in achieving our Health and Safety objectives and expect that employees will:-

  • Accept responsibility for Health and safety to the extent of their control;
  • Take all practicable steps to ensure their own and others’ safety;
  • Identify, access, and control hazards under their control;
  • Apply the driving rules and procedures provided by the law;
  • Report all hazards, accidents, and incidents to their supervisor in a timely manner.


SIGNED: Alkendi A.S.Y. Alhammadi


DATE: 01/01/2024


This HSE Policy applies to all employees, contractors, and visitors at Location X Rent A Car and is endorsed by the top management.


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